Zeal For God Not According to Knowledge:  A Refutation of Judaism's Arguments Against Christianity, Second Edition

By Eric V. Snow

 Are the Jewish arguments against Christianity any good?  Is Jesus Christ the promised Messiah?  Were early Christian doctrines derived from paganism?  Were ancient Roman mystery religions or Gnosticism the source of Christian doctrines or ceremonies?  Is the New Testament historically reliable?  Do the Old Testament prophecies about the Messiah apply to Jesus?  Was Jesus God?  Does Christianity make salvation too easy?


The book, A Zeal For God Not According to Knowledge (iUniverse, Inc., 715 pp.), refutes all standard Jewish arguments against Christianity.  This book specifically replies against such critics of Christianity as Samuel Levine, Michoel Drazin, Tovia Singer, and Hyam Maccoby.  All those influenced by the reasoning of Darrell Conder, formerly of Commonwealth Publishing, should read this book.


The new second edition (March 2005) includes a comprehensive table of contents, the careful citation of sources through footnotes, a standard bibliography, and (new!) improved index.  The author has an M.A. and B.A. in history, and a B.A. in philosophy, which helps to ensure quality scholarship and careful writing.

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Free essays on this general subject of refuting Jewish arguments against Christianity, such as those of Darrell Conder, can be found on the page dealing with Christian apologetics:  Click Apologetics.html.

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