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What Is the Meaning of Jeremiah 10?


What is the teaching of Jeremiah 10?Jeremiah 10 is about the futility of worshiping idols and the importance of worshiping the true God above all.Letís go through it in more detail below.


The first part of Jeremiah 10 is an attack on idolatry and paganism.God warns His people to not be afraid of signs in the sky (verse 1), which may well be an attack on some kind of astrology and/or fear that people would have about witnessing solar eclipses.


Verses 2-5 describe how worthless it is to worship idols.They are intrinsically inferior to the workmen who made them since they canít talk or walk, yet they worship them.


Verses 6-10 make a contrast between the greatest of the true God as compared to idols.The idols may look impressive, being made of silver and gold at times, but they still are inferior to the metalworkers who made them.The true God is so much more powerful than they are.


Verse 11 reveals that these gods represented by idols will be destroyed.


Verses 12-13 exalt the true God by mentioning He is the Creator and that He has far more power than anyone else, including by His control of the weather, such as storms.


Verses 14-15 not only proclaim how worthless that these idols or statues of false gods are, but that those who make them are shamed by them.These idols will be destroyed.


Verse 16 draws a sharp contrast to these idols by exalting the true God, Jehovah, the God of Israel.


Verses 17 to 22 describe how Judah, the southern kingdom, will be punished for its sins by God.It explains why this will be the case also, such as because the shepherds (religious leaders) arenít inquiring of God.In general, the people of Judah are sinning, so they will be punished by a great power from the north.Here it isnít named, but we know from other texts, such as Daniel 1 and Jeremiah 52, that it is Babylon as led by Nebuchadnezzar.


Verses 23-25 are Jeremiahís prayer to God in this context.He petitions God very humbly, such as by asking God to not destroy him and admitting that a man canít direct his own steps.His main request is in verse 25, in which he asks God to punish the (gentile, idolatrous) nations that donít know Him.He doesnít want Judah, his nation, to be punished (or punished any further) by implication.These gentile nations have destroyed the people of Israel, but are idolatrous also, so Jeremiah asks God to punish them also.


So here the meaning of Jeremiah 10 has been reviewed, which concerns avoiding idolatry and worshiping the true God above all.


Eric Snow



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