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Is a Sign of Jesusí Impending Return the Worldís Environmental Problems?



How bad is the worldís environment?Is its condition a sign of the end times?However, is the environment really all that bad, especially in the United States? ††Are all or most of the environmentalist scare stories really accurate?


Instead of directly arguing the case with my words mostly, Iíll leave that task to others cited here.Consider whatís in Dixy Lee Ray and Lou Guzzoís Trashing the Planet and a series of opinion pieces taken mostly from the Detroit News over the years.These stories show we in the church have to be a lot more careful about pushing the panic buttons concerning environmental problems as proof that Jesusí coming is near.We in the Worldwide Church of God got ourselves into the 1972 mess largely by focusing on the deep crisis that struck American society and government during the 1960s and early 1970s (i.e., race riots, assassinations, anti-war protests, the counter-culture, the rise in crime and illegal drug use, the mammoth growth in the welfare state, etc.) as proof the end was nigh.Then we got burned, big time.


While I agree that the end canít be that far off, we have to be careful, nevertheless.The following three books show we in our church subculture have badly exaggerated the environmental problems of the United States and the world over the past four decades:Edith Efron, The Apocalyptics:How Environmental Politics Controls What We Know About Cancer (New York:Simon & Schuster, 1984), Dixy Lee Ray with Lou Guzzo, Trashing the Planet:How Science Can Help Us Deal With Acid Rain, Depletion of the Ozone, and Nuclear Waste (Among Other Things) (New York:HarperCollins, 1990), and Bjorn Lomborg, The Skeptical Environmentalist:Measuring the Real State of the World (Cambridge University Press, 2001).


Rachel Carsonís Silent Spring has been decisively refuted scientifically on many of its contentions, such as about DDTís being a major threat to the environment.The claim about DDT thinning the eggshells of birds has been decisively refuted by laboratory experiments.A friend of mine in the local church, who at one time studied chemistry, did lab experiments in the field which showed how quickly DDT broke down in the natural environment.Itís hardly a persistent chemical.Itís carcinogenicity has never been proven scientifically by solid evidence.


We should be wary of misleading others by assuming the environmentalists are automatically right.By reading the books I mentioned above, we can know they have been guilty of many exaggerations.Here, on the issue of environmental problems, we in our church subculture have generally accepted the liberal left line hook, line, and sinker, while we reject it on other issues.I maintain itís time to be a lot more skeptical of this part of the liberal package deal also.


Eric V. Snow


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