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What Countries Are in What Directions According to the Book of Daniel?


Let’s briefly examine several places where various countries are mentioned symbolically and/or literally in the book of Daniel with the compass directions. As a general principle, note that compass directions in the Bible are given relative to the Holy Land/Israel’s location in the Middle East.   In Daniel 8, a ram (male sheep) represents the empire of Medo-Persia (verse 20).  The ram strikes westward, northward, and southward (verse 4), which implies it’s towards the east overall, at least relative to Israel’s location.  Then a male goat comes from the west, and attacks this ram.  This goat represents the Greek Empire which Alexander the Great founded, which, after his death, soon broke up into four kingdoms (verses 8, 21-22).


In Daniel 11 is a long prophecy that discusses the King of the North and the King of the South.  During most of this prophecy, the King of the North is the Seleucid Empire.  In Daniel 11, the King of the South is Egypt ruled by the Ptolemies, of whom Cleopatra was the last one before the Roman Empire took over Egypt.  Near the end of the prophecy, however, starting in verse 40, the King of the North is the future dictator or “Beast” (Rev. 13:2-10, 12) of the European Union “gone bad.” At that time, the King of the South is the leader of the Arab/Muslim nations, who most likely will bill himself the Mahdi (“Messiah” in Arabic) and/or Caliph (spiritual leader and successor to Muhammad).  After successfully invading the Middle East, the Beast will suddenly become worried about an attack coming from the kings of the east and north (i.e., China, Russia, India, and/or Japan) (cf. Rev. 9:16; 16:12).  According to the book of Daniel, these nations are in the four compass directions (north, south, east, and west) when they are given.


Eric Snow


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